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We can offer a full range of IMO/Wheelmark certified and zero VOC approved products and are the only UK Company to be approved to stock and install the SynDeck ultra-lightweight underlayment.

SynDeck Marine Products are:


SynDeck Full Product Range

We provide an extensive range of SynDeck marine resin flooring products.

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Benefits of SynDeck Technology

New SynDeck technology represents massively improved water and chemical resistance, better flexibility and much less weight per square meter. Materials are designed to be low odor and are packaged to be easy to handle and apply.

Currently the main successes for SynDeck are within the work boat, small ferries, cruise ships and mega yachts sector with offshore and support ships testing the product and becoming approved.

SynDeck Products Include:

  • IMO Epoxy Floor Coatings
  • Lightweight Resin Decking Systems
  • Cement based underlayments
  • Bath tub/hot-tub and spa refinishing
  • Chip repairs for showers
  • Instant cure UV Coatings
  • UV Cured GRP lay up systems.
  • Decorative resin flooring
  • Corrosion Protection

Lightweight Underlayment's on RFA Ships

We have installed SynDeck ultra lightweight resin flooring on a number of RFA MOD ships.

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How the Marine Industry benefits from Lightweight Underlayments

An underlayment plays an integral role in the flooring installation process due to sitting between the sub floor and the decorative top coat. The underlayment allows the top coat to sit on top of a smooth surface rather than a rougher, possibly uneven sub floor.

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EPMAR, the manufacturer of SynDeck

The SynDeck line of marine products is developed and manufactured by EPMAR Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Quaker Chemical Corporation. Since 1983, EPMAR has been producing low and zero VOC coatings and adhesives for a wide range of applications in diverse industries, including: aerospace, electronics, marine and construction. EPMAR’s custom-formulated products are derived from water borne systems, epoxies, polyurethane, polyureas and reactive stains to meet specific customer, industry and regulatory requirements. As a result, EPMAR has earned a reputation for creating high performing, technically advanced products that meet and exceed current environmental standards.

Undertaking SynDeck Projects

ERS Marine has "Riding Squads" available to complete works whilst the ship is at sea.

We understand the importance of ensuring customers are not inconvenienced by our presence so we use fast curing products and adapt to meet all the needs of the customer.



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IMO Ultra Lightweight Underlayment 1290FC 

Ultra lightweight underlayment with tremendous strength and water resistance.

IMO 1.5 Underlayment 1295

Lightweight underlayment with tremendous strength and water resistance.

IMO Flex Topcoat 1285

Flexible top coat with strong durability and scratch resistance.

IMO Decorative Terrazzo 1290FC Terra

Unique marble/ granite look ultra lightweight underlayment.

We can provide a full range of SynDeck Marine Systems

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