Our Marine Division offers a complete line of Full Resin Lightweight Systems, primary deck coverings, and fire rated and sound reducing flooring systems that level and smooth surfaces as well as greatly improving the environment, in compliance with international regulations and standards.

Lightweight Underlayment

We stock a variety of Lightweight and Ultra Lightweight underlayment options, coloured or clear resins, a choice of decorative flake options and topcoats including UVR and slip deterrent/anti-slip versions. 

Our Ultra Lightweight Underlayment can be up to Four Times Lighter than traditional underlayments and offers a range of key benefits. We can also provide a Lightweight Underlayment which offers great value and still offers a lighter alternative to other products.

Full Resin Systems

We also stock a unique IMO Flex Top Coat which provides a range of key benefits including being seamless, flexible and highly decorative.

We are the UK/EU stockist for the SynDeck Marine range which are IMO Wheelmark accredited. To view a range of the projects we have undertaken using the products please view our Case Studies.

Please find the full range below.

More information about SynDeck and the range of products can be found here.

Fire Rated and Sound Reducing Flooring Systems

We can also supply a range of primary deck coverings, and fire rated and sound reducing flooring systems that level and smooth surfaces as well as fast cure systems.

More information about the Sika Marine range can be found here.

To receive a quote for the supply of products and/or installation please contact us. We can provide the products and services to meet all your deck covering/ flooring requirements.

For enquiries or extra information please feel free to Call us on 01202 813932 or Email us at

To ensure installation of the highest standard Training may be required.

SynDeck Marine Full Range

IMO Bond Coat 1222
IMO Ultra Light Underlayment 1290FC
IMO 1.5 Light Weight Underlayment 1295
IMO Decorative Terrazzo Ultra Light Weight 1290FC Terra
IMO Coloured / Clear 51XX Resin Grout Sealer
Colour Epoxy 50XX US standard colours
IMO Colour Epoxy 51XX standard colours
IMO Colour Epoxy 51XX special colours
IMO Coloured Epoxy 51XX Body coat (1mm), plus aggregates
IMO Coloured Epoxy 51XX SL (2mm) IMO Flex top coat 1285 small pack size 3 litre
IMO Flex top coat 1285 large pack size 15 litre
IMO UVR Clear top coat 2590 small pack size 3 litre
IMO UVR Clear top coat 2590 large pack size 20 litre Clear Matt Seal PU WB
IMO Clear Epoxy 5100

Key Application Areas

  • Wet rooms; toilets, showers and all wet areas.
  • Medical centres, waiting rooms.
  • Galley and eating areas.
  • Gym and fitness areas
  • Gangways and corridors
  • Cruise ships; rooms, bars, showers.
  • Areas that need decorative or high profile finishes

For Resin Flooring in London and the rest of the UK please visit our Land Based Division.


ERS Products

SynDeck Products:

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