Sikafloor Marine A60 Floating Floors

ERS Marine are the UK Stockists and Distributors for the Sikafloor Marine range 

Sikafloor Marine Litosilo systems are floating floor systems. The systems consist of a layer of mineral wool on which either a one-component compound (Sikafloor® Marine Litosilo N or Sikafloor Marine Litosilo X) or steel/alu plates are applied.

These build-ups give maximum sound reduction and provide a high degree of comfort for the crew on board the vessel. The Sikafloor Marine Litosilo systems are all part of an A60 solution with a building height of only 45 mm. Prior to application of carpets, vinyl, etc. a smoothing levelling is needed. The Sikafloor Marine Litosilo products can be used as a primary deck covering.

Our products provide a number of benefits to the marine industry. Fast cure floor repairs are particularly useful on cruise ships where repairs to cracked, failed flooring needs to be carried out with the least amount of disruption to passengers as possible.

Products can be used in a wide range of areas, work to date has been completed in passenger cabins, corridors, lobby areas, casino's, bars, mess areas and crew gyms.

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