New UK Navy Approved Galley System Case Study

Published on: 2nd November 2015
By ERS Marine

ERS have a new case study available for our UK Navy approved galley system. The case study focuses on a recent installation on an RFA Navy Ship. We used a flexible and waterproof resin screed and coating system to provide a range of key long term benefits.


  • Corrosion risk is mitigated which extends the life of the steel deck.
  • Slopes to drains have improved water removal.
  • Seamless, durable and slip resistant finish.
  • Approved to DEF Stan 07-247, US Mil Spec and IMO.
  • Hand laid coving improved cleaning regime and hygiene.
  • Excellent chemical resistance provides durability.


  • SynDeck Marine Decking products provided an attractive, waterproof, slip resistant, flexible coating within the tight time constraints of the ship’s schedule.
  • Using DEF Stan approved products that have no seams or grouted joints reducing the potential for corrosion and deck failures.
  • The ability to create a complete waterproof screed from 10-80mm with slopes to existing deck drains and new rounded cove details.

You can download the full Case Study here.

ERS Marine: 2nd Nov 2015 09:41:00

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