Ultra Lightweight Marine Flooring Systems

Published on: 24th October 2022
By ERS Marine

Is your current marine flooring a heavyweight? If so take a look at SynDeck Waterproof Ultra Lightweight Decking Systems for massive weight savings and increased corrosion protection for steel decks.

Our Ultra Lightweight resin underlayment systems offer the highest performance with up to 70% weight savings compared to conventional latex screeds. These products are ideally suited to new build and refit projects where weight penalties, fuel economy and low emmisions are an important factor in meeting environmental objectives. The very high resin content makes this system ideal for wet areas, slopes to drain and coving, normally used in combination with our IMO Resin and Flex Top Coats.

You can find our Ultra Lightweight Underlayment Case Study here.


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ERS Marine: 24th Oct 2022 14:16:00

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