Maine Coating UV Protection

Wooden surfaces on marine vessels are subject to harsh conditions, so they need a tough coating. 

We provided a high profile cruise ship with an innovative new UV coating. This provided long term protection to its wooden handrails and tables curing them instantly using a UV lamp.

How We Developed The Solution

We used the knowledge and experience gained from projects we have completed using our fast curing technology  in the industrial sector to develop a system that provides huge benefits to the marine industry.

Chemistry Benefits

  • Very quick (instant) cross linking gives tight and resilient cured coating
  • Improved scratch resistant due to close structure
  • UV Raw Materials are very high quality due to complex chemistry
  • Very high chemical, stain and dye resistance
  • Higher build application compared to traditional varnishes
  • Improved UV (sunlight) stability
  • Resistant to virox and anti-bacterial surface cleaners

Long Term Effects

We continue to assess the project and its long term effects. Upon inspection one year later it was found that the UV coating had provided long term protection and still looked as good as it did when first protected.


Construction Line