Shower Tray Repair Systems, Fast Curing and Fully Waterproof

Shower Tray Repair solutions onboard marine vessels need to provide a range of key benefits. ERS has developed an innovative shower tray repair coating and refinishing system to resolve the problem of the narrow time frame available to carry out repairs to shower trays on board cruise ships and other marine vessels. The criteria that needed to be met was as follows:

  • Completion of repair, and a fully usable shower within a minimal time frame.
  • All products to be solvent free.

Due to the vast experience and knowledge ERS has gained over the years, we were able to adapt our fast curing technology from other areas to great effect, producing a fast curing solution to shower tray repairs that not only repaired but also enhanced the strength and decorative appeal of the shower tray.

For this ERS won the FeRFA Award for Innovator of the Year.

Expanding on from our success ERS has further improved this process alongside SynDeck to great effect.

SynDeck Marine tested the structural integrity of repaired shower pans using SynDeck Terrazzo by sending the product to an outside lab for impact testing. The results found that the panel gained 70% strength and the damaged area was stronger than before it was damaged.

As the UK/EU Stockist and Distributor for the SynDeck Marine range of products and systems we can provide fully waterproof and lightweight systems perfect for shower tray repairs and wet spaces. 

Key Benefits:

  • Quick repair of a damaged shower tray
  • Repair material gives shower pan higher structural strength than before
  • Waterproof materials to protect from corrosion
  • Slip resistant finish avaliable
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