Ultra Lightweight Underlayment’s on RFA Ships

We have installed ultra lightweight resin flooring on a number of RFA MOD ships. Ultra lightweight underlayment’s are extremely beneficial to RFA MOD ships as they are up to 4 times lighter than regular underlayments. One particular installation saved 12,000kg of weight. This makes the ship lighter, fuel efficient, faster and gives its flooring increased strength and water resistance.

Our products are also IMO approved, waterproof and low maintenance, all of high importance to MOD vessels.MODships require a fast installation therefore lightweight productsare beneficial as they are easily transported compared to regular products. 

Ultra lightweight underlayment being used on a RFA MOD ship.

Our ultra lightweight underlayments can be up to 4x lighter than regular underlayments, also meaning you need 4x less to cover the same size area.

They also require a long term solution, something waterproof products are more likely to provide as they decrease the risk of failed flooring due to moisture.

Key Benefits:

  • Lightweight, waterproof underlayments
  • Decorative, durable, scratch resistant finish
  • Hygiene friendly, low maintenance
  • Massive weight savings
  • Long term solution
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