Developing a Range of Safety Flooring

ERS Marine has been putting its experience and innovation to good use developing a range of safety flooring, which is designed to be as low risk of slipping as possible in dry and wet conditions.

Using a range of anti slip powders and additives we have produced a range of results which have helped us to work out which products and mixes work best. Our testing has helped us to develop deck coatings which are very low risk of slipping in the wet and the dry. 

Safety flooring is extremely important to marine vessels as the risk of slip is higher due to wet conditions than in other areas. With our extensive knowledge and experience in this area, we have been able to provide safety flooring with extremely high slip deterrent levels. It is important to suit safety flooring to the individual needs of the customer so we have designed a full range and can adapt to suit all needs. Some vessels such as workboats require a very low risk of slipping in the wet whereas other vessels do not need to be quite so aggressive. 

The picturs below show some of our range of safety flooring. The first pictures show the less aggressive types of safety flooring and you can see as you go further down the more aggressive, higher slip deterrent versions.

Key Benefits:

  • Adaptable to customer
  • Very low risk of slipping in dry and wet conditions
  • Decorative appeal
  • Ability to provide safety flooring as aggressive as required
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