Wet Room Flooring

Wet Area’s onboard marine vessels need high performance materials to provide a long term waterproof solution that wont allow water to attack the steel decks underneath.

We used a SynDeck system to provide a  range of key long term benefits. These include using waterproof materials to ensure the installation provides a long term solution. We also use a durable finish which not only looks attractive but can also provide slip resistant and chemical resistant properties. The system is also able to be installed within tight time constraints.

We can provide wet room flooring using waterproof products with sloping to drainage: This can be provided to wet rooms, wet areas, shower rooms or any room in need of waterproofing.

As the UK/EU Stockist and Distributor of the SynDeck Marine range of products and systems we can provide fully waterpoorf, ultra lightweight systems perfect for use in wet spaces. 

Key Benefits:

  • Durable, attractive finish
  • Rust is mitigated which extends the life of the floor
  • Waterproof system provides long lasting solution
  • Slip resistant finish
  • Fast cure allows for short turn around time
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Ability to install extra tall cove base and flooring thickness in one application
  • Sloping to drainage
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