SynDeck Gains UK Navy Approval for Lightweight Underlayment Systems on Front Line Ships

Published on: 9th February 2015
By ERS Marine

After nearly 3 years of independent testing and heavy financial investment, SynDeck Lightweight Underlayment Systems have passed Def Stan UK Navy Fire and Toxicity tests, Classification detailed in Def Stan 07-247. Coupled with being tested and approved for slip deterrent performance and having to produce the new REACH compliant MSDS’s to Regulation (EC) No 453/2010; ERS Marine Division are happy to of played such a key part in gaining this approval.

A numbers of systems have passed the Def Stan 07-247 which comprised of five individual test procedures;

  • Def Stan 02-711
  • Def Stan 02-713
  • BS476 Part 6
  • BS476 Part 7 (Similar to IMO)
  • ISO 4589-2
  • Slip Deterrent testing to BS 8204 part 6
  • Def Stan 02-157 Slip testing under ‘’Requirements for Deck Coverings’’

For potentially contaminated wet areas a galley/laundry and servery system has been approved utilising the lightweight resin underlayment with an epoxy slip deterrent top coat. This system provides a number of key benefits including being fully waterproof, the ability to create slopes to scuppers and produce coving profiles to assist with cleaning and drainage. It has been approved for its slip deterrent performance in dry and wet conditions.      

Another system is for use in all others areas and is especially suited to problematic wet spaces where a 100% resin bonded, fully waterproof solution is required. This system also includes the same lightweight underlayment screed but with a very flexible epoxy resin top coat giving a seamless coating around bulkheads and deck fittings. Coloured flakes offer a decorative option that gives the appearance of a liquid vinyl,this system has also been approved for its slip deterrent performance.

As the exclusive approved stockist and training centre for SynDeck Marine products, ERS have also trained a number of partner contractors that can undertake installation projects as and when required. Projects have already started on two front line ships with more to follow.

All SynDeck Lightweight and Ultra Lightweight Deck Coverings and Marine Screeds are also IMO Approved for commercial markets such as Cruise Ships, Offshore vessels and Ferries.

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ERS Marine: 9th Feb 2015 10:09:00

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