ERS Applying SynDeck IMO Flexible Resin and Galley System to New Condor Fast Craft Ferry

Published on: 12th February 2015
By ERS Marine

ERS are part way through an installation for Trimline Ltd on board the new Condor Fast Craft Ferry due for launch later this month. IMO Flex, a self smoothing resin, was chosen by the customer for its flexibility. We have also applied our slip deterrent galley system to the galley and servery areas.

A white self smoothing flexible resin was chosen to be used in a number of areas including the duty free shop. The white flex will have a decorative grey and silver flake finish. This will provide a smooth, seamless surface with great hygienic and comfort properties.

In the galley and servery areas the flexible resin will be used as part of a galley system which also includes an aggregate to provide slip resistant properties. We have carried out a number of tests on this system to ensure we have passed def standard slip testing whilst ensuring the coating is easy to clean.

Both systems are part of our UK Navy Approved Range, the IMO Flexible Resin is used in passageway and wet spaces for its seamless and waterproof properties, as well the flexible benefits it provides. Our galley system is used in galley and servery areas due to its slip resistant performance and waterproof benefits as well as the weight savings our lightweight underlayments provide.

ERS Marine: 12th Feb 2015 09:56:00

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