Christian Radich Sailing Ship - New Lightweight and Waterproof Resin Galley Floor

Published on: 15th August 2014
By ERS Marine

ERS Marine provided an IMO Lightweight Resin Underlayment System to ensure a Fully Waterproof Solution to a common problem for ship galley floors: failure due to moisture infiltrating the substrate. 

The ships previous galley floor had failed due to moisture so a waterproof solution was required. We provided a lightweight fully waterproof resin underlayment system to meet the specification, also providing levels and installing a heat mat into the system.

Due to the ship being needed for 'Norway Day' in Olso, the work had to be completed within a very short time frame which ERS where able to fulfil by flying a skilled operative to Oslo.

Christian Radich is hoping to inspire future generations through active operation and as a school ship. The ship is also used for other purposes, such as voyages for trainees of all ages and for charter. 

You can find out more about one of the world`s most special vessel's here.

ERS Marine are the UK/EU Stockist and Distributor of the SynDeck Marine range of products which include Fully Waterproof and Ultra Lightweight Systems. We can also provide installation with highly trained and experienced operatives if required.



ERS Marine: 15th Aug 2014 10:26:00

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