ERS Marine to Provide Trimline's New Demonstration Galley with SynDeck Waterproof and Slip Resistant Resin System

Published on: 29th September 2014
By ERS Marine

Trimline, Southampton-based marine interior refurbishment specialists have asked ERS Marine to install our SynDeck Resin Galley System to their new demonstration facility at their Southampton headquarters.

This state-of-the-art facility is being created to enable both suppliers and partners the opportunity to display and use the facilities, test new products and experience how they could work on ships within the replicated galley environment. The galley will also function as a training venue for chefs to learn how to use new equipment.

Our SynDeck Resin Galley System can provide a range of key benefits to the marine industry. Firstly, the fully waterproof system provides a longer term solution as the risk of failed flooring is decreased. Secondly, we can provide slip resistant finishes using colourful quartz blends which during testing have produced results which indicate a low risk of slipping in both the dry and wet conditions. Lastly, we can also provide a finish which is easily maintainable and decoratively appealing.

A completely seamless system will be installed including a cove detail of 100mm around the edges to simulate the ease of long term cleaning and hygiene requirements of galley areas.

The facility will be fitted with the latest technologies and products, helping ship operators understand the environmental benefits and financial savings that can be made by using the most innovative of galley technology. 

The demonstration galley is due to be completed at the beginning of October and will be welcoming its first guests at the end of October. 

ERS Marine and Trimline have worked in partnership on a range of projects including the installation of A60 fire rated deck systems and innovative UV coatings. To find out more about Trimline please visit their website and view the full range of services they can provide.

ERS Marine: 29th Sep 2014 10:23:00

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