IMO Flex Resin Coating

ERS Marine are the UK/EU Stockists and Distributors for the SynDeck Marine range of IMO Flexible Resin Systems.

SynDeck IMO Flex

  • Totally Seamless, Flexible
  • Fully Waterproof System - Protection for steel decks
  • Ability to Cove – Hygiene friendly, Low maintenance
  • Highly Durable – Scratch resistant
  • Highly Decorative – Flake options

An IMO and UK Navy approved trowel applied, self smoothing flexible resin coating. These systems benefit from excellent chemical and moisture resistance and offer a technical solution in areas where stress and vibration cause cracking and de-lamination problems when using standard latex screeds. Decorative flakes and matt seals are avaliable in numerous colours and finishes.

You can find our IMO Flex Case Study here.

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