At ERS Marine Division we offer a high quality service which includes a detailed consultation process enabling us to work out the best strategy and products to give our customers the best possible application.

Our preparation processes include floor grinding, shot blasting and existing coating removal.

All our preparation equipment is attached to industrial vacuums, giving a 99% dust-free environment.

Preparation is the key part of our job and correct surface preparation leads to long term adhesion and a higher quality application.

This includes floor planning, current surface evaluation, Health and Safety requirements, budget considerations and all relevant product options.

    Ultra Lightweight           Seamless Flooring        Fast Curing Repairs

  Ultra Lightweight Underlayment     Seamless Flooring     shower repairs

  Acoustic Damping             UV Resin Coating         Decorative Finishes

Acoustic Damping      UV Coating     decorative finishes

  Wet Room/Area             A-60 Floating Floors           Safety Flooring

wet room area       floor repairs     Safety Flooring


  Slip Resistance Testing

Slip Resistance Testing

Slip resistance testing plays an integral role in helping our customers choose low risk slip deterrent flooring.

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Exceptional Quality and Service

We use the latest technology to ensure our quality control is top of the range including sophisticated tests for adhesion and slip resistance.

ERS Marine Installations

Our application techniques involve using top quality tools and highly trained staff to ensure the job is completed to the highest possible standard.

We Offer...

  • Full product supply and installation
  • A60 fire rated floating floors
  • Acoustic damping floors
  • Ultra lightweight resin underlayment's
  • IMO approved flexible resin systems
  • IMO screeds
  • Decorative hygienic wall finishes


The main products we use when completing work are SynDeck and Sika.

Please visit our land based division for Resin Flooring in London and the rest of the UK.