Shower Deck Refurbishment



A HMS Naval Vessel required refurbishment of its old shower decks and wet areas to provide a clean, bright and decorative finish. A long term solution was required  using a high performance, soft underfoot and fully waterproof, totally seamless and flexible resin system.

How we did it

Prepare shower deck and walls
Repair any damage or heavy rusting
Prime and coat the walls
Coat and flake cove profile
Apply bond coat to deck
2-3mm of IMO Flex applied to shower tray and floor area with blending to coving
Flake and seal
ERS are the UK/EU Stockist and Distributor for the SynDeck Marine range of systems and products. We can provide fully waterproof systems perfect for use in wet spaces and shower decks. ERS Marine Product Range


  • Clean, bright, decorative finish
  • Soft underfoot
  • Completely seamless no joints
  • Easy clean
  • Fully waterproof compartment





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