Seamless Flooring - Highly Decorative and Flexible Finishes


We can provide the products and services for IMO approved seamless flooring which provides a hygienic replacement to carpets whilst ensuring a fully waterproof solution. 

We used a highly durable and flexible seamless top coat, with coving in the corners to provide a hygiene friendly surface with no corners or cracks. This makes the flooring easy to maintain, with a highly decorative finish.

Seamless Flooring

In order to provide a high quality finish, preperation was a key part of the installation, we created a dust free environment whilst taking every precaution to ensure those onboard the ship were not inconvenienced. 

The end result was a highly durable, maintenance friendly top coat which looked great. The customer was extremely pleased with the finish and its increased benefits. 

We used a SynDeck IMO Flex system to provide the high quality finish, a product which ERS are approved installers and distributors.

Decorative Seamless Finishes

Key Benefits

  • Hygiene friendly 

  • Low maintenance

  • Flexible, highly durable, scratch resistant top coat

  • Highly decoarative seamless flooring

  • Waterproof - protect steel decks

  • Fast curing

Our seamless flooring can be used in conjunction with our other products and services to provide a highly durable and flexible top coat. We use a variety of colours and flake options to create a range of finishes. 

View our Gallery of Decorative Finishes to see some of our other seamless flooring examples. 

Seamless Marine Flooring


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